For athletes who want ownership over their lives

Welcome to JRZYversity, the tech and business school for athletic entrepreneurs. Find courses that will teach you the skills you need to take on the technological world.

We deliver athletes to the degree they want to be at, whether it be on the physical playing field or the pastures of Web3.

Why learn with our courses?

1. Learn

Get in the game as quickly as possible by learning the fundamentals of Web3
and the steps of starting a business.

2. Ask

Our educators come from a variety of backgrounds in tech, business, law, and sports. You'll have access to people that will bring new power to your ideas.

3. Activate

The athletic environment is always evolving. Its time to adapt and activate your potential, your passions are there to be pursued.

Start your journey as an athletic entrepreneur today with JRZYversity courses

The access, perspectives, and information is second to none. The value will grow with the team and our experiences, we're here to help you in the long run.


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About JRZYversity

JRZYversity has a mission to educate and create 10k Web3 athlete entrepreneurs.

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Industry expert teachers

We have lawyers, agents, entrepreneurs, developers, creators, and Web3 experts as part of our team.

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Up-to-date course content

We're innovators. As we learn, we share.

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athletic Entrepreneur community

Join our communities and connect on social media to connect with fellow JRZYversity students and to stay up to date with all things JRZYVERSE.

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12 Courses

Business & Operations

How to get started. Covering everything from registering your business, domains, logos, and operations.

5 Courses

Web3 & Websites

Up-to-date and digestible lessons on all things crypto and NFTs.

7 Courses

Marketing & Advertising

Now that you have a product, you need customers. We're sharing our most helpful lessons on marketing.