5 Ways to Use Your Jersey Sponsor Highlight Reel

Check out these awesome ways to make your highlight reel stand out!

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September 25, 2022

Show the world who you are and make an impression with your highlight reel! It's an excellent way for you to stand out!  If you want some inspiration for how to use it and what to put there don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Here are a few ways to put it to use!

1. Pitch Your Favorite Brand

Use this space to speak directly to a brand or type of audience you’d love to connect with.  Your Jersey Sponsor profile is public, so when you make your pitch you’re able to show your personality and things that will get you noticed in a way that is direct and intentional. Use this to appeal directly to a brand you’d love to work with.  If you wear sunglasses everyday, make a video and upload it showing this.  

2. Show Off Your Hobbies

We all are much more versatile than the sports we play. Show off your cooking skills, singing talent, clothing brand, whatever it is that makes you unique.

3. Introduce Yourself 

Make a video introducing yourself to visitors to your page.  This is a great way to capture attention and give viewers a greater understanding and feel for who you are as an individual.  

4. Drop Your Sports Highlight Reel

This is a great space to showcase your most exciting plays and highlights.  Your Jersey Sponsor profile is also great to use as a recruiting tool.  Our network has athletes and members of the athletic community including coaches who are always scouting talent.  Update your profile to help you showcase your abilities in this space.  

5. Share A Cool Video

Whatever this space is used for, get creative! By placing something in this space you may be saying much more about yourself than you realize even if you choose not to highlight. yourself.  For example, it can be a motivational video, your favorite cartoon, or something from a 3rd party that supports their cause like your friend’s fundraiser or advertisement for their business!

Sign in and update yours today!