Build An Athlete Sponsorship With JRZY

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Madison Savarese
November 14, 2022

Start with your offer/budget.

Regardless of sponsoring one or multiple athletes it is best to take a look at your own marketing budget and see what you are going to spend on the campaign. Keep in mind that athletes have higher engagement rates over influencers. Captiv8's study showed that student-athletes received two times more engagement on Instagram, five times more on Twitter, and 12 times more on TikTok. Starting with your offer will help in targeting what athlete(s) you can attract and work with. 

Your offer can include: 

Money - Tangible cash is always most attractive to athletes.

Services - Do you have something you can get them to try/adopt as part of the partnership?

Product - Samples of your product not only helps them with content creation but also gives them credibility when speaking about your product. 

Equity - Giving athletes equity in your company will ensure a common interest and long term partnership

Set timeline & milestones.

Outlining the timeline and milestones is very important for athletes. They need to know tangible ways that their work is going to be measured and how they need to schedule this among their other tasks. Make sure you measure this either in a number (posts, stories, videos, impressions, etc.) and put specific dates/deadlines in place. This will protect both you and the athlete from any ambiguity. 

Types of Deals: 

  • Social Media (story or post) 
  • Media/Video Content (that you both can use/post)
  • Appearance/Autographs/Testimonial
  • Podcast Sponsorship

Types of Milestones: 

  • 1 time 
  • Multiple across a set of dates (up to 2 weeks and roughly one per week) 
  • Multiple across a month
  • Multiple across a year (expect one per month or less)

Advice on best practices: Do NOT expect to include:

Exclusivity - *Unless your business is spending a significant amount on the partnership to retain the right of being the only partner in a specific category.

Perpetuity - *Unless you are giving fully vested equity, doing a multi contract deal, and/or spending a significant amount on the partnership.

Activate with JRZY.

Once you have these two things outlined you can send it to the JRZY team to help you source an athlete directly or go ahead and use the JRZYapp to post it directly to the athlete community.

Why use JRZY?

Here are a few of our benefits:

Quick activation- Get all the info you need on the athlete in one place instead of spending hours of time on research.
Deal protection -
Funds are held in escrow and are not released to the athlete until completion or approval.

Streamlined communication - We make it easy to avoid lengthy negotiations and work off of specific milestones and deadlines. Then athletes come to you.

More options - You can decide after posting the sponsorship whether to work with one or multiple athletes on the deal. Using the Lineup feature you can work with multiple athletes or work with one athlete whatever works best for your goals. 

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