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March 13, 2023

What is JRZY PRO?

A membership for athletes that provides them with sponsorship assistance, business consulting, legal coverage on demand, brand and image consulting, and an recorded interview to help with partnerships, and data tracking with JoxStox would be a comprehensive package aimed at helping athletes succeed both on and off the field.

Soon after launching JRZY, we quickly realized that athletes needed a comprehensive support system to:

  1. understand their value and how to leverage it (assessment)
  2. understand what opportunities are available for them (market outlook)
  3. understand how to obtain these opportunities or those currently out of reach (activation strategy)
  4. understand how to navigate and close these opportunities (closing)

Sponsorship assistance involves helping athletes secure endorsement deals, and manage their relationships with sponsors. This includes identifying potential sponsors, creating sponsorship proposals, and providing ongoing support to ensure that athletes are getting the most out of their sponsorship agreements.

Business consulting helps athletes develop their own personal brands and identify new revenue streams. This would include advice on marketing, social media, and content creation, as well as guidance on getting their website and e-commerce operations off the ground.

Legal coverage gives athletes access to legal experts who can provide advice and representation on a wide range of issues, from contract negotiations to disputes with sponsors or other parties. JRZY was founded by an attorney who previously founded a law firm, and the importance of having sound legal guidance will be extended to every member.

Brand and image consulting involves working with athletes to create a strong personal brand and image that resonates with fans and sponsors. This would include advice on social media strategy, personal branding, and public relations.

Content in the form of a recorded interview provides athletes with the opportunity to share their stories and experiences with potential partners and sponsors. This helps to build relationships and create opportunities for new partnerships and collaborations.

Finally, data tracking with JoxStox (coming soon) has been created to provide athletes with comprehensive data analytics using AI and tools that can help them track their performance, identify areas for improvement, and benchmark themselves against their peers so that they may use this information to activate the greatest economic opportunities available to them. This would include real-time data on key metrics that influence partnerships and opportunities the most as well as historical data that can be used for trend analysis and strategic planning.

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