Goal 4 - Quality Education

September 25, 2022

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Goal 4: Quality Education

We've previously written, "sport brings access to the education we're unable to otherwise afford and a reason to even pursue one in the first place.  Sport teaches us discipline and how to bounce back from failure.  It teaches us how to work for the greater good of the team and that today's sacrifice is worth the rewards of tomorrow."

Athletics are a form of education teaching discipline, teamwork, networking, study habits and are responsible for honing many other useful traits and skills.

An indirect but very applicable way that sports also support this objective is the requirement for participants in school sports to maintain a satisfactory GPA and standing. There's an inherent emphasis placed on education from an athletic standpoint already that go hand in hand with impressing on our youth the importance of an education.

A quality education is also provided when student athletes accept scholarships to receive an education in exchange for their participation in their school's athletic program. Education in exchange for sport is a direct and fair manner for anyone without the resources to bypass other societal disadvantages and yet receive the same education access as those with privileges not otherwise overcome or obtained.

Many athletes are very interested in giving back and sharing what they've learned on their journeys, so directly these athletes are educating and providing opportunities and an easier path to a quality education that could increase the chances of the recipients of their efforts to understand the path, challenges and process of obtaining a quality education.

We can be sure that athletes are doing their part, and we are firm believers in the power of sport to contribute to this global objective.