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By 2050 Africa’s combined GDP is expected to top USD $29 trillion!

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Madison Savarese
September 25, 2022
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Africa is the most exciting continent and according to the UN it's the fastest growing continent in the world. In the UN’s report they found more than half of the total global population growth between by 2050 is expected to occur in Africa. 

By 2050 Africa’s combined GDP is expected to top USD $29 trillion! This means Africa’s GDP will be larger than the European Union. As part of the population and economic growth sports and recreation are also continuing to grow too. Co-Authors of “The Next Africa” found that in projecting the growth of many different areas of growth for the continent one major business and cultural influence opportunity they overlooked in Africa was the growth of sport and leisure. 
Citing a recent article, Africa’s booming sports business creates new investor ecosystem, it's noted "Ultimately, sports serves as yet another industry African governments can support to diversify their economies, enable local job creation, and increase their resiliency. While the NBA is trailblazing a new path in African market entry, we expect more to follow.” 

We are excited to welcome so many athletes, teams & organizations from across the African continent. This is exciting for the future because our goal was to show 99% of athletes that no matter where you are in the world you can control your brand and future. We are determined to give athletes ways to make money independent of brands and sponsors, while still growing their own brands and generating revenue off of that.

Our plan is for JRZY to resonate with athletes everywhere in the world.

We continue to echo the words of Nelson Mandela “Sport has the power to change the world,” Mandela said. “It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand.” 

The athletes that joined in from Africa represent 10+ cities across Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. They represent 10+ sports including Archery, Bodybuilding, Cricket, Football (soccer), Rugby, Track & Field, Marathon Running, Hokkie, and more. And have interests in writing, music, running, cycling, reading, Zumba, content creation, ice hockey, soccer, gardening, hiking, and combat sports, just to name a few. 

But more than all of this are their inspiring dreams. Check out a few athletes below and how they are striving for incredible things both in their athletic careers and communities.  

These athletes and inspire and push us at JRZY to create a company where athletes across the world can come to collaborate with other athletes, small businesses, fans and large brands. We are proud to have these athletes and hundreds others from 20+ countries outside the United States.

It is just the first step in showing that with JRZY, athletes are stronger together.