How Athletes can help your Startup Rise Above the Noise

It is time to build your brand on the back of people that can propel it to new heights. Athletes want to take ownership of their lives, they can and will carry your endeavors into new spheres of interest.

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October 7, 2022
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One thing apparent about marketing is that there is a lot of noise out there, and it can be very difficult to get your story out. For startups to be able to compete with and even outperform their competitors, they must take a combination of strategic actions.

Startups frequently come from brilliant ideas that will benefit many people, and fortunately, there are many customers waiting to purchase what you're offering.  

However, there is too much noise, and many people are selling the same product or service.

So, as your brands work harder and harder each day to cut through the noise and reach these massive groups of consumers, how can your marketing stand out, be seen by them, and not be mistaken for being part of the noise?

Startups frequently sign agreements with athletes and other celebrities who already have large followings in an effort to break through the competition and reach these many potential customers.

Athletes are the best choice for sports startups, however, and not just because of their large fan bases but also because of aligned values. We'll examine the two most significant factors that athletes can use to help you stand out from the crowd.

Athletes will expose you to a large number of brand-new customers that were previously inaccessible to your business, which is one of the ways they will aid in the growth of your sport startup. You gain access to their fans when you sign ambassadorship agreements or make partnership deals with athletes. Nike gained access to Michael Jordan's fans when they signed a partnership deal with him. Though Nike was not a startup then, you still get the point.

They also add credibility to your product like  “ if this product is good for this athlete, it definitely will be good for me too".

Hiring athletes and former athletes is another crucial strategy. College athletes and current grassroot athletes have a lot to offer, and their expertise from prior sports experience will help them succeed in the majority of marketing roles in startups.

"If you play on a high-performing team, regardless of the sport, you’re forced to think about things in a way that’s useful for a startup,” said Shankar, whose company is based in Berkeley, Calif. “There’s this understanding that success is a process, whether it's running track workouts or completing a project. It’s all headed toward a success-oriented outcome, but results don’t come quickly.”

You need someone that can work as a team, manage time and prioritize the things that need to be done. Someone that can work under pressure because you will be constantly under pressure to render outstanding services as a startup.

According to Shankar "If you’re looking at a resume, you’re looking at GPA and where they went to school, but what’s almost as important as raw intelligence, is their ability to work on a team. Team players know a lot about time management. When you’re able to juggle work and intense non-work stuff, you tend to do a good job of prioritizing what needs to be done now.”

All these are necessary to help you stand out as a startup. It doesn't have to be the big deals between big brands and athletes. Athletes are always ready to partner with companies with principles and maxim that aligns with their value.