How Do I Get Sponsors?

There are plenty of ways to “get” sponsors, but your mindset should rather be “how can I attract sponsors.”

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September 25, 2022

There are plenty of ways to “get” sponsors, but your mindset should rather be “how can I attract sponsors.” The problem that many sponsorship seekers encounter is when they only view their proposal from their point of view instead of focusing on the point of view of the potential sponsor and their needs.

As a business that’s also in the sponsorship business, we too are sponsors and what always gets our attention is when we are approached by someone who first tells us why the sponsorship would be beneficial to us. When a sponsorship seeker begins the conversation with a proposal that focuses on how we can benefit from the relationship it shifts the conversation from being viewed as an expense/donation to an investment.

Make sure to focus on distinguishing yourself from the countless other entities who are seeking “donations/funding” from sponsors while also being thorough and quickly explaining to them how you can help them further their interests. You want to provide some value up front and even if you don’t think you have much to offer there are many things that you could potentially provide that won't cost you money.

For example, your network and audience probably contains customers that sponsors are interested in connecting with.  Use this to your advantage, you've worked hard for your audience and your audience is interested in what you have to offer.  Offer your hard earned credibility with your audience to brands by using you as a vehicle for their products.

Ideally, whatever it is that you discover you can offer to a sponsor find suitable sponsors who could potentially benefit from it (or tailor and adjust your pitch to fit their needs). Narrow it down, create a proposal, and shoot your shot.

We suggest focusing on your network and local businesses first. Smaller businesses are usually much more accessible than larger corporations who are constantly being bombarded with requests and typically have complex sponsorship protocols and requirements. You’ll be surprised to find out that “micro-sponsorships” are abundant and available for the taking and there’s a possibility that you can get multiple.

Yes it requires a little work, but always remember your'e used to hard work and it'll pay off!