How Your Team or Organization Can Win With JRZY 

Early on, we knew we could help athletes by also supporting the teams and organizations they belonged to as well.

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Madison Savarese
September 25, 2022
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JRZY has always had an extreme focus on athletes, but our definition of athlete includes the teams and organzations athletes are a part of.

One way early on we knew we could help athletes is through supporting the teams and organizations they belong to as well.

To date we have 70+ teams and organizations from all over the world as part of our community. These teams represent more than 30 sports, some that you may have heard of and others that you may not have heard of.

If you're wondering whether yours is a fit you'll quickly see how inclusive we are, making the answer a resounding YES!.

Check out some that have signed up:

Ice Cross, Soccer, Sailing, Handball, Kabaddi, Roller Hockey, Darts, Esports, Slow Pitch, Basketball, Beach Volleyball, MMA, Cricket, and Poms. 

Recently, JRZY had a 300% growth with teams & organizations from across the world. While the majority of these teams and organizations are from the United States, the second largest country for these teams and organizations is India. The majority are Amateur 40% and Professional 24% athletes.

JRZY’s profile is a value add and time saver for teams and organizations by helping you to get found, and making all of your information easy to digest by condensing your athlete and team information and total audiences all in one place.

This helps to show the value that exists both in their own brand and the collective brands of the athletes who participate.

We believe that when teams and organizations start to invest in their athletes and help them grow/establish their own brands that will ultimately lead to stronger and more profitable partnerships. In the future we are excited to continue to grow our partnerships both at the team and league level through this feature specifically for teams and organizations, saving them time and making them money.