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The official media outlet of JRZY! Focusing on news, topics, and takes important to athletes and the world of sports.

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September 25, 2022

JRZY Mag is the official media outlet of JRZY! (formerly Jersey Sponsor)

What We Are

We’re biased in favor of athletes.  Not blindly in how we interpret facts but meaning our approach to issues will always be with integrity and our views shall align with whatever is in the best interest of athletes and sport.  Our goal is to highlight the common connection between sport and everyday life and to make connections to sport using subjects that don’t seem to be connected at all.  

We believe in the power of sport and we’re here to expose the sports angle on a wide array of subjects.  We believe we can make an argument for pretty much anything as we’ve already shown with our United Nations Sustainable Development Self Assessment Series.

Some say athletes shouldn’t use their platform and voice, we say they should.  We support athletes using their voices for disaster relief fundraisers, for causes, for education, for policy and every other societal benefit or issue, because the best time and the greatest impact is when we are all together, and nothing in the world brings us together like sport.  

The Backstory

In 2019, when JRZY was conceptualized, our founder Issa Hall was also writing blog posts about how JRZY was going to change the world.

Blogging as a way to connect with people is well founded and similar to the strategy of entrepreneur Mark Cuban’s blog maverick covering everything from sports to politics and current events.  Media, freedom of press, and exercising our rights to free speech are fundamental to society.

In Fall of 2021, the decision was made to evolve the “blog” to our own media outlet, “JRZY Mag.” The website was completely re-designed to make it easier to skim/read and contributors were excited to join. 

Content offerings were expanded from just resources to also include current events, NIL resources, data insights, health & wellness, technology, business, and much more to provide value. 

Today JRZY Mag has over 8 contributors and is pumping out daily articles.  Two of our more recent articles, 2021 Recap and TikTok is on Fire,  performed 340% better than our articles posted in October 2021 which translates to our content increasingly being viewed.

In the next few months you will see JRZY Mag continue to add content, contributors, and mediums (podcast, video, etc) to continue our growth as a resource that elevates and educates athletes. 

As we stated in 2019: 

“With JRZY, athletes finally have the ability to know their true value and be educated on how it may be leveraged to their advantage.  We're providing athletes with opportunity, facts, and data to make sure that just as in sports where fairness and competition are sacred, the business of sports will be too.  

We cannot wait for you to join us and hope that you are just as excited as we are about finally delivering the power of what's been earned to the athletes who've earned it.


Our Mission

What’s often overlooked by society is the “butterfly effect” that athletes and sport have on society in areas that have nothing to do with either, and how any random subject can also impact athletes and sport.

We stick to sports by showcasing the versatility and impact sport has on all areas of society, not by only talking about games and scores.  Athletes are humans first and our problems, issues, and interests don’t stop while we’re playing, but there’s a viable way to impact our problems, issues and interests using sport.

We want you to trust our ability to be intellectual, informative and thought provoking. We’re challenging how sports are viewed and upgrading the value that society places on sport and athletes.  

We will continue to use our voice and platforms to help showcase the amazing things athletes are doing on and off the field. So be on the lookout for our daily content.  

We’re always on the lookout for passionate writers so if that’s you we’d love to hear from you, contact us at team@jrzy.com.

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