Jersey Sponsor is now JRZY!  

JRZY; jersey, /ˈjərzē/ : noun - a distinctive shirt worn by a player or competitor in sports.

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September 25, 2022
Jersey Sponsor is now JRZY!  

In the coming months you will see the new branding reflected across all of our materials and channels.  In addition to the rebranding, you can also look forward to platform enhancements and the much awaited native mobile app experience.  

These changes are just the start of the many innovations being worked on behind the scenes to empower athletes across the world.

What Does It mean?

JRZY; jersey, /ˈjərzē/ : noun - a distinctive shirt worn by a player or competitor in sports.  

The world recognizes wearing a jersey as a way for us to announce and designate ourselves as athletes.  Your JRZY profile is the digital equivalent of this announcement of your status as a current, former, or future athlete to the world.  By athlete we mean from the standpoint of participating casually or as a fan, all the way to a professional athlete.  Once an athlete, always an athlete.

Why The Name Change?

We believe the name change better embodies the greater opportunity and strategy that we’re pursuing.  We strongly believe that the power of the athlete network working together is possibly the most powerful force on the planet.  By making this network our foundation and primary focus it also gives us the most d irect way to bring much more leverage and sponsorships to athletes in the long run.  Greater network = greater opportunities.  

Are We Dropping Sponsorships Too?

No.  We’re improving the strategy and process. Although we’ve removed the word “sponsor” from our name, our shift in strategy and approach does not involve the removal of sponsorships.  We’re just changing the way we’re going about it.  Sponsorships are a natural component of the sports world so our aim is to still bring you a better experience, more sponsorship opportunities, and stronger networking and relationships using sport overall.

We’re Focused On The Big Picture

Our new name embodies the bigger picture and offerings of what this platform provides and means for athletes. The purpose of associating and making JRZY synonymous to ATHLETES, is to make our immediate impression one that encompasses the complete package of value and experiences that athletes receive by joining JRZY. 

We hope you're as excited as we are,


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