JRZY + NIL & Sponsorships

Are sponsorships still part of JRZY? YES!

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September 25, 2022

You've probably noticed that we've dropped the word “Sponsor” from our name which leads to the question.  

Are sponsorships still part of JRZY?  


Our bet is that you’ll be able to get even more sponsorships as well as many other opportunities too.  We’re no longer limiting it to just sponsorships.

We’re best described as a network that facilitates opportunities for athletes, including NIL sponsorship deals.

We recognize that NIL deals and opportunities are a huge interest of athletes and our users.  We’re in tune with how the sponsorship ecosystem works and impacts athletes and believe it’s a natural component of the many opportunities in this space, so why not include them all?

We want to bring the entire ecosystem of opportunities that exists for athletes together, not just sponsorships.  It’s a much better approach and we want our branding and messaging to convey this.  

We're focused on expanding opportunities to areas including jobs, networking, and openings for recruiting and schools.

We understand the importance of being able to activate opportunities immediately, you’ve worked hard to earn it and deserve to reap the benefits of everything you’ve worked for.   

We’re dedicated to providing the best possible value for athletes long term.  Sponsorships are absolutely part of our long term strategy and if that’s what brought you here we’ve definitely got you covered.

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