JRZY Stands With The People Of Ukraine (updated)

People working together are always more powerful than any individual or institution.

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September 25, 2022

Sometimes the act of resistance doesn't have to be loud or bold, it just has to be. 

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JRZY stands with the people of Ukraine.  We encourage you to support the victims of this senseless attack and consider donating below.

If you’ve ever questioned the power or utility of crypto this should eliminate those doubts.  Despite banks being shut down (or closed on weekends) the world was able to come together in the time of need of the Ukrainian people.  

If you’ve ever doubted decentralization, understand that huge power vacuums threaten societies and lives.  What we’re seeing is what happens when power is unchecked and when one person has too much of it.  The people of Russia working together are stronger than their government, and the people working together can defeat any force or institution.  

If you’ve ever questioned the power and influence of athletes, seeing them on the front lines and being called on right after politicians should eliminate those doubts too.  

Check out these stories of athletes answering the call of duty.

It is those of us who have the most influence and visibility who the world will check in on and question our whereabouts.  Athletes, especially influential athletes, keep the world honest when it comes to their treatment, and we’re so happy to see athletes showing up and speaking out against this evil attack.  

Having FIFA, the IOC, teams and players speak out publicly against evil and refuse to play Russia sends a very strong message that resonates around the world.    

Along with Ukrainians, the people of Russia can also play a major part in defeating evil. We encourage you to be brave enough to speak out and to support the Ukrainian people.  People working together are always more powerful than any individual or institution. 

Please consider donating and supporting oppressed people fighting for their human and civil rights, and our rights to live in a peaceful society.  A threat to global peace is a threat to us all.

We are committed to never allowing evil to be comfortable in our presence.