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JRZY is the only network where athletes can find sponsors but still find other ways to generate revenue and PR about themselves. The umbrella of services that the JRZYverse provides is exactly what 99% of athletes are looking for. 

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Madison Savarese
September 25, 2022

Month over month signups from January to February are on pace to double. Much of this growth is coming organically from our community of athletes, teams, and brands. 

How do we account for this growth and what is drawing athletes, teams and brands to JRZY? Our community has told us that JRZY resonates with them due to it directly addressing problems that exist for 99% of athletes across the globe. 

While the top 1% of athletes across sports seem to have deals lining up for them for the other 99% of athletes have to grind for it and even then there are still challenges. This means exhausting all options to be able to pool resources both from a financial and informational standpoint.

Athletes don’t need four apps on their phone to manage on top of worrying about school, family, friends, maybe a job, not to mention the rigorous mental and physical training to be an athlete. They need one platform that can grow with them as they grow throughout their career and life. 

JRZY is the only network where athletes can find sponsors but still find other ways to generate revenue and PR about themselves. The umbrella of services that the JRZYverse provides is exactly what 99% of athletes are looking for. 

One of the biggest problems we're addressing is:

Athletes need a way to tap into local, national and international financial opportunities and cutting edge information that can help them save time and money. This means in the new world of NIL, yes, sponsors are great but athletes also need to know actual actions of how to get the deals from other athletes that don’t have a team of agents, lawyers, and momagers doing everything for them.

Many media outlets are reporting on the outcome of the deals while withholding information about basics about how to start conversations with their athletic departments or with their coaches let alone signing deals worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars with brands and sponsors. 

This isn’t exclusive to college athletes either. From conversations we have had with professional athletes they too are struggling finding opportunities and having the right conversations on top of their rigorous training and travel schedules. 

Athletes at all levels of their lives simply need access to information from the athletes that have done it first before being able to tap into sponsorship opportunities. 

While Bronny James already already has more than $3 million dollars worth of NIL deals before he goes to college many other athletes would just like to know the literal steps on how other athletes have been able to make enough money to live or how to get the agents, lawyers, media attention necessary to even start some sort of negotiations with brands. 

This is where JRZY is bridging the gap. Athletes need access to brands and sponsors but also to each other. Teams win championships not one person. Even individual sports like Surfing, Tennis, Darts and Ping Pong, all have a team of people to help athletes prepare for their competitions mentally and physically, on and off the field. So why would anyone think this doesn’t apply to athletes making money too? 

The power of sports reaches far across the world and helps create communities. We recognize the opportunities that sports provide us, and our goal is to provide a space for these communities to connect and collaborate. JRZY exists to facilitate and amplify the opportunities that sports provide on a global scale because the next superstar athlete or success story could be just a gym membership or jersey away. 

JRZY has solved a problem for 99% of athletes with the marketing network platform and AND also provided a media platform to promote themselves and their opinions with JRZYmag.

Hell yes we want Bronny James to get paid for his many talents. But he is only one of billions of athletes across the globe that deserve financial compensation as well as access to information that could help them grow their businesses, careers, mindsets, professional networks and bring access to information. 

Throw on a JRZY and let’s get to work. 

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Join JRZYapp - JRZY offers an all in one market network giving athletes the ability to be found, and the tools to fundraise, network, find sponsors and much more. All athletes are welcome.

Contribute to JRZYmag - JRZY offers athletes the opportunity to submit stories about themselves, hot takes, or a compelling article.  We’re media for and by athletes. Pitch your story

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