JS Player Card = Your GOAT Pic

Use your GOAT Pic to elevate your profile and make the best first impression!

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September 25, 2022

Your player card is the first thing that most people see on your Jersey Sponsor profile?  We created your player card so that  you can stand out!  

Whatever you want the world to see and whatever assets that are unique to you, this is the place to show it off!  

Because if you can do this...

Credit: Connie Brogden

Or this…


Credit:  Kotaro Umeda 

Or have pics like this

Credit: Yarayah Evans

Or this… 

Credit: Madison Bailey Owen

Or do things like this…. 

Credit: Katya Hall

And this… 

Credit: Sadie Smith

You should definitely use it to make your first impression.

Instead of this...

Credit: User shall forever remain nameless

Which is what your player card looks like if you haven’t updated it.

Update yours today using your GOAT pic. If it's a good one, submit your profile here to be featured.