New Year, New MINDSET

Prioritize making 2022 a year where you can focus on your passions and the things that bring you joy.

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Daniela Salazar
October 22, 2022
Health and Wellness

We've all heard the saying “new year, new me” but i’ve never been a fan of that saying. you enter the new year being your same self, the change comes mainly from your head. I like to emphasize that instead of “new year, new me”, it should be “new year, new mindset”.the way your new year starts and continues is completely based on the mindset you have for the new beginning. setting correct goals will allow for top performance of yourself. Here are a few ways we recommend setting your mind and your year up for success.

1.  Plan out your goals.

This one is probably the most known one, but it's important to have a clear mindset of the goals you want to accomplish in the year. Anything is possible, but also set yourself up for success, because setting a goal of losing 50 pounds in a week is not feasible. It’s important to look at the year as a whole and set up timelines for your specific goals. Whether it be a weight change journey, development of new habits, a journey of self discovery, there should be small realistic steps that will allow each goal to become more accessible to you during the new year.

2.  Leave the pain in 2021

This one is a big one. I think it’s safe to say that it’s been a rough year for many of us, and some of us even lost loved ones, jobs, opportunities. There was a lot of pain in 2021, and the way to set a clear mindset for 2022 is to leave the past where it belongs. Why do I suggest leaving it and not forgetting it entirely? These moments are not only extremely difficult to forget, but they’re stepping stones to our overall life. We learn from the pain and we grow from it. in 2022, leave the aches behind but learn the lessons that came with them.

3.  Prioritize yourself

In order to succeed in a new year, prioritization is key. Many of us tend to place more importance in our work, school, friends, family, and it’s how we start to fall behind in taking care of ourselves. Make sure to prioritize yourself first, as you’re the only one who can truly do it.  Find days of the month for relaxation, focus on old and new habits that bring joy, and explore yourself in order to evolve your mindset in healthy ways.

4.  Find happiness

This one goes a bit hand in hand with #3. In 2022, please make sure to put your happiness as number 1. If you're in a career you hate, find your passion. If you’re at a job you cannot stand, open up doors to other opportunities that fit better to your standards and will fulfill you both professionally and personally. If you’re with someone who doesn’t know your worth, leave them and find the worth for yourself until someone else can also acknowledge it. 

2022 should be about getting the most out of life and doing what makes you happy.  The goal is to be happy for as much time of our lives as possible so it’s important for us to understand everything that will allow us to reach this objective.  Prioritize making 2022 a year where you can focus on your passions and what brings you joy.