We're here because the world needs more jerseys, and the world needs more jersey sponsors.

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September 25, 2022

Because sport is the great equalizer and connector across the globe.  It is proven, consistent, fair, and a realistic pathway to realizing the idea of "The American Dream" and upward mobility in any nation or society.  

JRZY exists because teenagers should never have to panhandle in the streets in the scorching heat of the summer just to be able to have enough money to participate in a game...  But are we sure it's just a game?  Because as long as we can just get them to the game we can change their lives substantially.  Sport removes inequities and creates a level playing field that cannot be circumvented by resources but only by effort and ability. 

Sport brings access to the education we're unable to otherwise afford and a reason to even pursue one in the first place.  Sport teaches us discipline and how to bounce back from failure.  It teaches us how to work for the greater good of the team and that today's sacrifice is worth the rewards of tomorrow.

Sport takes us around the world.  It gives us an outlet and mental escape.  It allows us to forget what troubles us for at least a moment in time, but that moment is worth everything and keeps us coming back.  Sport keeps us healthy physically and mentally, brings us joy, and allows us to dream

Sport forces us to immediately recognize anyone who shares our same jersey as family despite who we voted for, our religion, language, or anything else that we may believe separates us.  We can always count on our sports to consistently bring us together unlike anything else in the world.  

A jersey in common immediately connects strangers and turns enemies into allies.  The same jersey brings us respect from people we've never met and opens the door for opportunities that only exist because of those connections we've made through our sports.     

JRZY exists to facilitate and amplify the opportunities that sports provide on a global scale because the next superstar athlete or success story could be just a gym membership or jersey away. 

We're here because the world needs more jerseys, and the world needs more jersey sponsors.