The Future Is Here - Our Plan To Make Sure Athletes Win In 2022

A name change, Web3, and all the exciting things we're tackling this year.

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September 25, 2022
The Future Is Now. 🛸

Athletes, this is where you want to be.  We're launching many new features that are ringing in a new regime of the internet.  You may be seeing blockchain and other Web 3 components much sooner than you may have been expecting.  We’re always thinking ahead, so the current trends that have all of us excited are also something you can expect to see here too.  

We’re a technology company first and foremost, and the world is evolving. We’re always paying attention, innovating, and testing new features behind the scenes.  We intend on always upgrading the value we’re bringing to you.

We’re changing the name.

We’re updating our name to something that reflects our much bigger vision and the universe of athletes globally that have joined.  We’re a tech company building a global network specifically for athletes.  We’re adopting something that better showcases our brand, our future, our culture, and you as athletes.  It’ll also look much better on a Jersey 😎

We’ve been in the lab..

Since the launch of our first version last Summer, every problem we’ve faced and solved has given us a much greater blueprint for something that we are betting is a substantial shift in how athletes operate globally.  Our mission is to bring you more opportunities, more connections, more money, more support, and more power. 

We’ve been listening and paying attention, and with V2, we believe what we’re bringing not only gets it right, but is something that changes the game.

“V2” of Jersey Sponsor is OTW. 

Everything on the existing Jersey Sponsor platform provided so much data, information and value that told us exactly what athletes want and exactly how to bring these things to you.  The app is getting a complete refresh with new designs, features, and innovations.  We’re creating a space for athletes so we’re making sure it’s good enough for you to want to spend a lot of time here.  

We’re invested in bringing $$ to you.

In 2022 we plan on helping athletes generate more revenue both from their NIL and skills off the field.  Our growth strategy as a company has evolved to focus on building our network and creating more partnerships.  Our plan focuses on significant growth for our community of athletes which in turn helps us as a company bring more value to you.  

Our goal is for every athlete in the world to join us. 

In 2022 we plan on on-boarding over 500k athletes from across the globe (investors get mad when we say we want every athlete in the world to join so we put this instead). While that may seem lofty, we’re confident that what we’re building is exactly what athletes have always wanted and needed.  As the digital space evolves our mission is to make sure athletes are included in the most current trends and technologies, and are equipped to capitalize on their hard work.  

We’re Bringing The Culture. 

In 2021 we evolved from just a “startup” to a respected tech company, and we don’t plan on stopping.  The same thing we expect of you, we hope you expect of us.   We’re trying to win a championship, and we’ll do it by any means necessary. We plan on showing the world more of what we’re about and who we are and the mentality we share with athletes around the world on the same journey.  Job’s Not Finished, but trust us the mission will be accomplished. 

We’re Intent On Making Sure Athletes Are The Owners Of Sports.

We want athletes to own sports and be more influential in all of the value their effort brings to others. We’re also heavily invested in expanding the value and connections that sport brings to the world.  We cannot say it enough, sport is the most powerful bringer of change on the planet, and we’re bringing it to your front door.  

For everyone who’s been rocking with us we guarantee you’ve found a gem.  We’re dedicating our ‘22 to making you proud.  

LFG. 🚀

Team Jersey Sponsor

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