Tips For Finding The Best Athletes To Partner With

The choice of who to sponsor will be among your most crucial business decisions. You may lose time and money if you make a mistake. The proper athlete you sponsor can contribute to the expansion and success of your company and so much more. Choose wisely.

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October 18, 2022

Sponsoring the right athlete is critical for your business's success. You're spending resources and energy on a partnership intended to give you a positive ROI. Here's how your brand can exercise the proper diligence when selecting the right partners.

This is even more important for a new company, with the first few sponsorships frequently playing a key role in establishing internal company culture and the external perception of the company by the community going forward. Aligning with the right athlete can take companies to new heights, or cause irreparable harm.

There are lot of reasons why you should sponsor athletes and using these tips below will help you make sure that you choose the best athlete for your team, your vision, and your new business as a whole if you've decided it's time to sponsor an athlete.

Interest: Someone Who's Genuinely Interested In Your Product

It's typical to sponsor athletes based on what they have achieved, or their experience and skills. However....

True magic happens when you sponsor based on your aligned interests. Interest in process, intention, and in purpose. Your best salespeople are those who swear by your product and tell all of their friends about you.

When selecting an athlete to sponsor, you must consider more than just the athlete in the lens of their respective sport. Their influence transcends their sport and is their passionate fans want to be like them, eat what they eat, shop where they shop, and trust them. Finding the appropriate athlete to represent and promote the task that they enjoy (and are best at) is crucial to creating an empowered culture. When working with an athlete, it is critical to select someone who values your brand.

Unknowingly neglecting the influence of interest, many corporations decide to support athletes based only on factors like personality, ethics, enthusiasm, reliability, and aptitude.

Sponsoring based on interest will get you more eager athletes who are prepared to promote, lead, and attain success.

Trustworthy: Someone Who Is Trusted By The Community

Would you use a service provided by a firm that sponsors someone with a murky and questionable record? Most people would not.

When selecting athletes, you should look for someone you trust as well as someone your customers will trust. We all know the influencer whose words we don't trust despite having a massive audience. Audience isn't equivalent to influence and is a red herring ripe for making a bad investment.

The key to sponsoring someone you can trust is to learn as much as you can about them. But just think about yourself, really try to take a look at it from the perspective of your customers or even poll your community.

You have already made a mistake in your choice if you have to question the integrity of an athlete you are sponsoring or if you have to think about it too hard.

It is usually better to sponsor fewer people rather than more, because sponsoring anything and everything gives the impression that everything is paid which reduces the trust your brand commands and the trust in the messengers you partner with.

Target Athletes With Smaller Audiences And Great Engagement

Athletes with smaller audiences can generate significant revenue for your business due to having a much higher ratio of close connections who they are much more influential and persuasive over. 

You don't have to go for the whales because some of them can be too pricy, very difficult to reach due to agents and managers, or very occupied with the numerous requests they constantly receive.

Sponsoring someone who is constantly busy and barely interacts with the audience is a bad idea. You might want to change your approach and sponsor someone who has a more devoted and smaller audience. Because athletes with smaller audiences typically have more devoted clients and encourage more "authentic" involvement.

Find athletes who are highly engaged and who are most active in their communities. We're much more likely to check out something recommended by a close friend than we are a stranger on the internet.

Choose The Right Sports

Sports are not all the same with each having its own audience, spectators, and values.

Perhaps you do not require brand recognition because you are a well-known brand, but it never hurts to make good choices and choosing specialized sports can make sense early on if you are a producer of specific materials deeply ingrained in the discipline (e.g. automobile and formula 1).

Consider Tesla's sponsorship of the Formula SAE racing team; this is due to the fact that Tesla is a niche brand, and Formula SAE is a niche specialty sport for them.

The choice of who to sponsor will be among your most crucial business decisions. You may lose time and money if you make a mistake. The proper athlete you sponsor can contribute to the expansion and success of your company and so much more.

It does not matter whether your business is new or old, athletes can help you rise above the noise.

Choose wisely.