Top 5 - What Our Athletes Are Interested In

Here are the Top 5 Interests and Hobbies of Jersey Sponsor athletes!

Madison Savarese
September 25, 2022
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The average athlete has 2 or more interests/hobbies listed on their Jersey Sponsor profile.  Hobbies/interests helps show off what you do outside of sports or grow off the field. Not only are interests and hobbies important for mental health but they can actually allow athletes to grow and adapt their way of thinking when facing new challenges. In David Epstein book Range he takes a closer look at why a generalist’s triumph in a specialized world. 

 “Like chess masters and firefighters, premodern villagers relied on things being the same tomorrow as they were yesterday. They were extremely well prepared for what they had experienced before, and extremely poorly equipped for everything else. Their very thinking was highly specialized in a manner that the modern world has been telling us is increasingly obsolete. They were perfectly capable of learning from experience, but failed at learning without experience. And that is what a rapidly changing, wicked world demands—conceptual reasoning skills that can connect new ideas and work across contexts. Faced with any problem they had not directly experienced before, the remote villagers were completely lost. That is not an option for us. The more constrained and repetitive a challenge, the more likely it will be automated, while great rewards will accrue to those who can take conceptual knowledge from one problem or domain and apply it in an entirely new one.”
― David Epstein, Range

Athletes that are hyper-specialized hardly exist anymore. Those that are have a balance of sports and life still triumph because they are open to new challenges and a competitive mindset that helps them overcome.

Here are the Top 5 Interests and Hobbies from our Athletes on Jersey Sponsor: 

  1. Music - Concerts, listening to music, playing music
  2. Hiking 
  3. Fishing 
  4. Video Games 
  5. Reading

So take a look at your life to see ways you can make time for current or new hobbies and interests. Don’t see them as distractions from your primary focus which could be sports, school, or work. See them as an opportunity to flex a different type of muscle that will ultimately help you grow when stepping back onto the court, school, or the office.