How Web3 Can Activate Economic Growth For Athletes Globally

We believe that by providing a proper opportunity and foundation, any athlete can easily activate the global community and use their own likeness, story, and dreams to fundraise their journey.

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Issa Hall
September 25, 2022
Impact Of Sports

As part of our dive into how JRZY and sport can support UN Sustainable Development Goals and impact society.

Economic growth is dependent on making sure there are enough jobs or the ability to sustain our entrepreneurial efforts to support ourselves, our families, and communities. This is important to keep people out of poverty, as well as being able to foster economic growth to evolve our communities.  

Having the economic means to move about to locations with better educational opportunities, jobs, and support systems is a luxury that most of the globe doesn’t enjoy.  We preach it everyday with the pedigree that accompanies certain schools, occupations, and communities.  The doors to these opportunities aren’t easily opened, but the principles behind making it accessible still remains.  

It’s one thing to not get into your dream school, it’s another thing to dream of going to school at all.  

If we aren’t able to move physically, what if we’re able to reach outside of our physical location to present economic opportunities?

The rise in Web3, crypto, and communication  has made global markets accessible opportunities for direct monetization of individuals.  Sport provides an avenue that is universal to the global athletic community.

How can sport bring value directly to athletes?

Sport provides multiple opportunities for economic growth individually and to our communities.  Sport is a universally understood language and a shared experience that is shared globally.  Footballers and their fans all around the world can easily understand and value each other and this shared experience.  

Question:  How can a promising athlete activate their own economic opportunities globally?  
The answer: By combining their likeness with web3 vehicles that align with the interests of the athletic community.  

We believe that by providing a proper opportunity and foundation, any athlete can easily activate the global community and use their own likeness, story, and dreams to fundraise their journey.

 Even better, the community will recognize the opportunity to purchase a token from their favorite athletes as an investment into their future.  Should this athlete continue on to success and fame, the holder of this token has something to showcase that proves their support.  They may even want to sell their collectible on the collector’s market that has assuredly risen in value due to your favorite athlete’s success.

Athletes are the original influencers and very effective and sympathetic fundraising candidates.  Unlike social media influencers, athletes intrigue us because of their amazing abilities in their sport.  We’re more inclined to donate or support an athlete to further their journey because it’s something we can all get behind. 

We can easily observe and comprehend the value that a donation or sponsorship can bring an athlete.  We can see their track record, effort, and vision as to where they dream to be.  

As an amateur athlete we were tasked with selling candy to fundraise.  Nowadays, athletes are able to sell NFTs to propel their journey.  We’d much rather have an NFT than a candy bar.  

Our strategy with JRZY is to make this a scalable and accessible strategy for athletes globally.  We’ve created the foundational infrastructure for athletes  to fuel their journey and own a greater piece of the pie once they reach their destination.  We want athletes to continue being the primary beneficiaries even after they have plenty suitors ready to capitalize on their success. 

For Individuals

Sport provides an opportunity (although not guaranteed) for a direct pathway for participants to seek an education outside of their home country.  For those living in countries with unstable educational systems, sport via athletic scholarships provides an opportunity for individuals to escape their immediate environments to better themselves. 

For Communities

Sport creates economic and business opportunities that aren’t replicable by other means. Sport brings audiences, and typically are the center of events that many cultures host to bring spectators together which also fosters immediate economic growth for the immediate environment.  Sporting events usually feature vendors, betting, hosting, and rewards/pay for the participants.  

Each element translates to jobs and benefits commerce even on micro levels, and also translates and scales to bigger economies.  Cities typically benefit substantially from the economic growth that teams and fans bring to their cities, which is why hosting professional teams.

WE NEED MORE SPORTS.  And we need more of the economic fruits of sport to be put back into the communities to create more of these opportunities.  

Help us do it by joining the JRZYVERSE.

Issa Hall

JRZY CEO, attorney & entrepreneur applying the Mamba Mentality to Sports Tech.