Frequently asked questions

Whether you’re an Athlete, Sponsor or Coach we're here to help you get the answers you need and make JRZY accessible for all.

What is JRZY?

The App for Athletes. We’ve created a platform for all athletes whether professional, recreational, NCAA, amateur, a coach or athletic organization. Athletes have unique needs and have been treated as commodities for far too long. It’s time that athletes have direct access to the resources to control, organize and directly benefit on their own value.

Is JRZY just for Sponsorships?

No. Being matched with sponsors is just one way to use JRZY. Think of JRZY as a multipurpose and shapeshifting tool that serves the needs of athletes as you evolve. For example, if your team is fundraising you can immediately activate a fundraiser directly from your JRZY profile. If you’re trying to get recruited, you can upload and feature your highlights and use you profile to connect with coaches. If you’re trying to reconnect with your past teammates you can use it mostly as a networking tool. If you’re trying to seek sponsorships, you can prioritize this as well, it’s up to you. Our mission is to always put you in the position to succeed.

I’m an Athlete, do I have to pay to use JRZY?

No, athletes never have to pay to use JRZY. You will always own your profile and be able to enjoy the benefits of your profile without having to be suspicious about hidden fees and future billing. Fees associated with platform use are generated from the users who are seeking to work with athletes and who typically profit from athletes. For example, when a sponsorship deal is completed, a small transaction fee is added to the deal. Athletes will receive the full amount of their sponsorship value.

I’m an NCAA athlete, am I able to get Sponsorships on JRZY?

Only if you’re in a jurisdiction that All NCAA athletes must get clearance from their athletic department and school compliance officers prior to receiving benefits from sponsors. We’ve made it easy to export information to make it easy for their review but although we want you to receive benefits we also would never place your eligibility in jeopardy. You’ll be able to enjoy the many other non-sponsorship benefits of your JRZY profile while you wait for eligibility to receive benefits.

The current status of legislation indicates that we can anticipate that sometime in the foreseeable future athletes across the country shall begin receiving benefits. We’ve spoken to your lawmakers and are supportive of your immediate use of your own name, image, and likeness “NIL” and we’ve put you in the position to immediately benefit. For the time being, you can help by inviting your teammates and athletic community to JRZY. The more voices we have contributing to this vision, the more we can create an organized and unified front for this cause and many others that benefit athletes.

I’m outside the United States, am I able to use JRZY?

Yes absolutely! We’ve created JRZY specifically with all athletes globally in mind. Our mission is to make sure every athlete in the world owns a JRZY Profile. While we’re gaining sponsors, we’ve created many uses for JRZY outside of sponsorships. You should still create a profile and enjoy the benefits of it and the JRZY network. You should also share and invite your teammates and network to do the same, the larger the audience we have in each location the more sponsorship opportunities there will be.

Can Amateur Athletes use JRZY?

Yes, amateur athletes may use JRZY! We’ve created many ways for amateur athletes to be active participants on the platform. Amateur athletes want an easier recruiting process and more information to help them reach their dreams at the next levels.

One part of getting there is fundraising and we've built in fundraising tools that may be immediately activated to help with your various team fundraisers. Amateur athletes also need to prepare for the likelihood of being compensated at the amateur level and will be connected to information and resources that will help and protect them like schools, coaches, mentors, and attorneys.

Can NCAA Athletes use JRZY?

Yes, there are many uses for JRZY that don’t include sponsorships and we have protections in place that don’t allow athletes to engage in the sponsorship process unless the transaction is approved by their athletic department. Our profiles are highlights of the athletes who create them. Making our profile now puts you in the position to get comfortable with the platform, and begin experimenting with how you can use your profile.

Can Retired Athletes use JRZY?

Yes, retired athletes are still and always athletes. We don’t drop you like it’s hot when your career transitions into retirement. In fact, we embrace and support it. We’re a network, and are providing the tools, information, and resources to allow you to prepare and plan for the next phase of your career. We’re providing resources for things like financial planning and literacy, business resources, and networking with people just like you who are more than willing to share their knowledge. We’re a community and we’re with you every step of the way.

I'm a Casual Athlete, how do I use JRZY?

A casual athlete is someone who participates in athletics but isn’t considered a professional athlete nor is included in our other categories. For example if you're an adult who actively participates in adult leagues or you frequent the gym, we don't discriminate. The main difference is that casual athletes aren’t automatically presented to sponsors. Casual athletes may use JRZY to connect with their favorite athletes, find sponsorship opportunities, host fundraisers and many fun things. If you consider yourself to be an athlete, so do we.

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