June 2023

Ballparks Must Embrace Juneteenth Like They Do July 4th

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The Fourth of July is a cherished and widely celebrated holiday in the United States, symbolizing our nation's independence and unity.

There's another federal holiday that celebrates this exact same thing, and it is time for ballparks across the country to embrace Juneteenth with the same level of enthusiasm and reverence.

By celebrating Juneteenth on par with the Fourth of July, ballparks can lead in their commitment to inclusivity, equality, and honoring the full breadth of American history by showing on the largest of platforms that the celebration of this holiday is not limited to just black Americans it's for everyone


Juneteenth holds immense historical significance as the day when the last enslaved African Americans in the United States were finally emancipated. We can all agree that it's bad taste when you go to your friend's party, and they fail to show up for ours. All Americans embrace and celebrate July 4th for independence, and all Americans should embrace Juneteenth for freedom.

By giving Juneteenth equal prominence to the Fourth of July, ballparks can lead the charge, acknowledge the historical significance and place it in a light that places it prominently alongside tried and true American traditions. Nothing is more American than baseball. It is an opportunity to highlight a historically significant day in American history, while also being more inviting and mainstream to Americans who may not feel like Juneteenth is for them.

Celebrating Juneteenth as equal in significance to the Fourth of July at ballparks sends a powerful message of inclusivity and unity while actually giving MLB a step in the right direction for a problem it's long tried to solve. Sports Illustrated: Why Baseball Is Losing Black America

It demonstrates that the pursuit of freedom and equality is a shared journey for all Americans, regardless of their background. By giving Juneteenth the same level of recognition, ballparks can foster an atmosphere of togetherness, where fans from diverse communities feel equally valued and represented.

Celebrating Juneteenth on par with the Fourth of July allows ballparks to embrace and celebrate the cultural heritage of Americans. It recognizes the diverse experiences and contributions that have shaped our nation and celebrates the richness of our collective identity. By showcasing it through the same lens of a very recognizable holiday, while offering distinct traditions, music, and art associated with Juneteenth, ballparks can create an inclusive and vibrant atmosphere that resonates with fans from all backgrounds.

It is a way for the sports community to put their commitment to diversity and equality into action, demonstrating that they stand united and embrace the one thing that brings us together unlike nothing else in the world, sports.

Ballparks can use this celebration as an opportunity to raise awareness, promote dialogue, and inspire fans to actively participate in creating a more equitable society.

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By recognizing the historical significance of Juneteenth, promoting equality, educating fans, and embracing cultural heritage, ballparks can become catalysts for positive social change. MLB has a problem with dwindling homegrown black talent, and this is a layup.

The day when all Americans can dap it up over a home run on Juneteenth and be excited about the historical significance just like we do on the 4th, while celebrating our beloved freedom is a day we should all look forward to.

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