September 2023

CTE ALERT: Chandler Jones

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An Endangered Individual is in Desperate Need of Assistance

Name: Chandler Jones

Age: 32

Last Seen: Twitter/

Description: 6'5", Defensive End for the Las Vegas Raiders

IMPORTANT: This alert is for a person suffering from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), a severe brain condition linked to repeated head injuries, commonly found in athletes. Immediate action is required to ensure the safety and well-being of this individual.


  1. Educate participants about the risks and provide safer sports alternatives for children and steer them away from high head impact activities like football.
  2. Demand that the NFL takes full accountability for the damages caused and implements comprehensive measures to protect its players from CTE.
  3. Support the health and well-being of former players by advocating for improved medical care, research, and rehabilitation programs.

Time is of the essence. Your swift response can make all the difference in ensuring the safe recovery of this endangered person. Please share this alert widely and assist in bringing them home safely. Thank you for your cooperation.

Issa Hall, Esq

Issa has founded multiple ventures, is an author, and founding partner of Hall & Dixon law firm, with over a decade of experience in tech and law.

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