May 2023

Flashing A Gun On Social Media Isn't Illegal, But Neither Is Publishing A Sex Tape

The line between legal and illegal activities is clear, but what about the gray area where our choices can lead to professional repercussions?

The concept of legal activities resulting in termination can be controversial, making it easy to draw a parallel between releasing a sex tape and the recent controversies surrounding Ja Morant flashing guns multiple times on social media. While an action may not be illegal, the issue lies in the judgment and decision-making surrounding it, ultimately affecting one's employment status.

It's no secret that many adults engage in sexual activities. However, the decision to record and share intimate moments online is a substantial and severe lapse in judgment. Releasing a sex tape demonstrates a disregard for privacy, professionalism, and the potential consequences it can have on one's reputation. It's an action that would undoubtedly make an employer question their initial hiring decision and the continued employment of an individual involved.

Similarly, Ja Morant's recent incidents of flashing a gun on social media, leading to suspensions, highlight the importance of judgment even when engaging in legal activities. While the act itself may not be illegal, it raises questions about the player's decision-making and the impact on his professional career. The NBA, like any organization, upholds certain standards and expectations, and behavior that undermines those values can have significant consequences.

Employers have a vested interest in protecting their brand, maintaining professionalism, and ensuring their employees uphold the company's values. When legal activities cross the line into a breach of judgment and potentially tarnish the reputation of the organization, employers are faced with tough decisions. It is not uncommon for companies to take swift action, including termination, when an employee's actions negatively impact the company's image or public perception.

The argument that legality alone should shield individuals from professional consequences overlooks the importance of judgment and accountability. While certain activities may be legal, individuals must consider the potential ramifications on their employment status. Employers have the right to assess an employee's conduct and make decisions in the best interest of their organization.

In the gray area between legal and illegal activities lies the realm of professional consequences. The often cited saying "we have the freedom of speech, but we don't have the freedom of consequences" rings very true in this scenario. Our private lives should remain.... private.

Legal does not always equate to acceptable in a professional setting. In today's world, exercising good judgment, professionalism, and consideration for one's employer and industry standards are essential for maintaining a successful career.

And in the day and age of social media with our privacy constantly being invaded and exploited, with things we post for a second having the potential to exist on the internet forever and ruin our lives, the importance of having professional discretion when "going live" has never been more clear.

Issa Hall, Esq

Issa is also the founding partner of Hall & Dixon law firm, and brings over a decade of experience in tech and law to the table. Alongside legal expertise, Issa is a certified fitness trainer who combines a passion for science and research with a love for sports and wellness. With a multifaceted background, Issa's expertise spans the realms of law, fitness, sports, and lifestyle, making him a well-rounded professional committed to helping others succeed in various aspects of life.

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