May 2023

From Zero to F1 - How To Get In From Scratch

If you are a racing enthusiast dreaming of becoming a Formula 1 driver, the road ahead may seem daunting. The competition is fierce, the costs are high, and the physical and mental demands are tremendous. However, with the right skills, resources, and mindset, it is possible to enter the elite world of Formula 1 from scratch.

The first and foremost requirement is talent. The 20 racing seats in Formula 1 are reserved for the best in the world, and to reach that level, your talent must be exceptional. It is crucial to start honing your racing skills at an early age by participating in small motorsports such as karting. Competing in this group for about 10 years will allow you to improve your abilities and showcase your potential.

However, talent alone is not always enough. Motorsport is an expensive sport, and the figures required to reach Formula 1 are staggering. The cost of karting races can rise up to $100,000, and at each level the costs increase substantially.

Finding sponsors can help alleviate the sponsorship burden, and this is where companies like JRZY and professionals like deal brokers can come into play. However, many drivers do not get paid from a team to continue their racing life, let alone finding sponsors. Therefore, having financial stability or being able to secure sponsorships is crucial to any promising talent with hopes of one day being among the top 20 drivers in the world.

In addition to talent and financial resources, physical and mental fitness are essential requirements to become a Formula 1 driver. Formula 1 drivers are the best athletes and require both strength and resilience to complete a race. They are subjected to 5g of force when entering a corner, and they lose about 3 kg of fluid in one race due to the overheating cockpit. To improve hand-eye coordination, concentration, and reaction time, drivers often engage in various exercises and athletic competitions between racing seasons.

Becoming a racing driver requires a significant amount of time and sacrifice, even if you are not at the Formula 1 level. You will give up your weekends to compete and travel to different racing series. You will analyze your data after races to see where you can improve and prepare for your next race. You will attend meetings with sponsors and your team, sacrificing time with friends and family.

If you have the talent, financial resources, physical and mental fitness, and the time and sacrifice required, you can obtain a super license, which allows you to compete in the Formula 1 World Championship. The basic requirements for a super license include being over 18 years old, holding an international class A competition license, passing a FIA theory test on Formula 1 sporting regulations, and completing 80% of two seasons in qualifying single-seater championships or accumulating 40 super license points over three seasons in any qualifying championship.

Becoming a Formula 1 driver from scratch is a challenging but achievable goal with the right skills, resources, and mindset. Talent, financial stability, physical and mental fitness, time, and sacrifice are crucial requirements to enter the elite world of Formula 1.

Understanding the financial requirements of participation, it is imperative that drivers invest a lot of their energy into finding sponsorships which can be a potential solution to alleviate the sponsorship burden and ultimately laying down the pathway to becoming a Formula 1 driver.

Talent alone may not get you there, but great talent is needed to survive, the world of Formula 1 is a high stakes, but extremely rewarding experience.

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