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November 2023

How Good is Alperen Şengün? The Houston Rockets Rising Star

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Alperen Şengün, a name yet to resonate with every NBA fan, is quickly establishing himself as one of the league's most promising young talents.

The Houston Rockets have found a gem in this rising star, who is not only showing incredible potential but also garnering praise from NBA veterans and media alike.

Here's what NBA All NBA Superstar Paul George had to say about him on his Podcast P show: 

NBA stars and media outlets are starting to take notice of Şengün's remarkable talent. Fansided's "25-under-25" list, which ranks the best young players in the league, has rightfully recognized his potential. With each game, Şengün's stock continues to rise, and it's only a matter of time before the wider basketball community catches on.

The Stats That Tell a Story:

Şengün's on-court performance is nothing short of impressive. Averaging an astonishing 18 points, 8 rebounds, and 6 assists, he's proving to be a versatile force on both offense and defense. These numbers not only reflect his individual brilliance but also indicate his ability to impact the game in various facets.

He's rapidly trending up and out-dueling All-Star players.

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Notable References: 

Key Moments:

In a recent game against the Sacramento Kings, outshone seasoned players like Damontis Sabonis but also demonstrated the kind of skill and finesse that sets him apart as a rising star.

Investment Opportunity:

Now is the time to consider Alperen Şengün.

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As he continues to impress on the court, it's clear that Alperen Şengün is a name we'll be hearing for years to come. Get ready to witness the meteoric rise of this basketball prodigy. We'll update this as we continue tracking his progress.


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