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November 2023

Is Bryce Young a Bust?

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In the frenetic world of professional football, where instant gratification often overshadows patient development, the question of Bryce Young's potential as the Carolina Panthers' #1 pick looms large.

Rookie quarterbacks, like any athletes, require time to grow and adapt to the rigors of the NFL. Yet, in today's era of rapid-fire analysis, the propensity for quick judgments based solely on interceptions and touchdowns has led to a narrative that overlooks the broader context.

We'll embark on a deeper examination, peeling back the layers to reveal why Bryce Young may very well be a diamond in the rough. With his stock currently at a seeming low, now could be the opportune moment to invest in this promising quarterback, whose true potential may be yet to fully unfurl.

Here's a clip from the QB School where "there's nobody to throw to" is the common theme regarding Bryce Young's circumstances.

Before ever investing into any player, it is always wise to do your diligence. This includes watching tape.

Some things to keep in mind and why Bryce Young is worth at least holding and even buying on the dip (can the Panthers get any worse?) for the aggressive minded.

1. Bryce Young is a rookie, and rookies often don't play very well. The number 1 pick inherits a team that was bad for a reason and as seen with Bryce Young, he's lacks a run game, wide receivers, playcallers, an offensive line and any kind of stability.

2. He inherited a new coaching staff and coordinators.

3. He inherited new wide receivers that he didn't have much time to build chemistry with and who aren't exactly burners who can get open.

4. His offensive line allows a ton of pressure, and pressure is a Quarterback's worst enemy. In a game where he threw 3 picks, (2 pick six) he was pressured almost 50% of the time.

Now, do these sound like excuses for Bryce Young, sure. But there's truth in all of them, and even worse Bryce Young is suffering from the media downpour that comes with losing. He's being engulfed by the hype wave of quarterback's who've had great games like the #2 pick CJ Stroud, Anthony Richardson, and even Will Levis and this media hype is tough to overcome.

The trading card market is fueled by hype and hype can be manipulated with wins, which is why we see Brock Purdy and Kenny Pickett card prices trending up and substantially higher than their actual performance indicates they should. (we'll save this for another day)

Bryce Young is substantially undervalued which means there's possibly the lowest risk and highest reward, bringing substantial value for owners of the former Heisman winner.  In reality, he only has to perform as well as Baker Mayfield or Kenny Pickett to turn a profit for his holders, which is a very realistic benchmark for him to surpass.

He'll be trending up after a season under his belt, new coaches, better teammates, and most important an offensive line to give him time to shine.

We're buying and holding for now, but definitely not selling.


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