April 2023

Jimmy Butler has gone Super Saiyan

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The concept of going "Super Saiyan" originated in the popular anime series "Dragon Ball Z" and refers to a state of extreme power and heightened physical abilities. In the show, the main character Goku and his fellow Saiyans have the ability to transform into this state, characterized by golden hair and a fiery aura, when faced with intense challenges.

For an athlete, going "Super Saiyan" can be seen as a metaphor for entering a state of peak performance. It's that moment when everything clicks, and their body and mind seem to be operating at maximum capacity. Just like in the show, an athlete in this state can perform feats that might seem impossible to others, such as running faster, jumping higher, or lifting more weight than ever before.

This state of peak performance is often referred to as "flow state" in the sports psychology literature. It's a mental state characterized by complete immersion in the activity, a feeling of being in control, and a loss of self-awareness. Athletes in flow state report feeling as though their actions are effortless, and they are able to react quickly and instinctively to changing circumstances.

There are several key components to achieving flow state, including having clear goals and immediate feedback, being fully engaged in the activity, and feeling a sense of challenge that matches one's skills. This is similar to the conditions required for a Saiyan to go "Super Saiyan," which include being pushed to their limits and experiencing intense emotional states such as anger or frustration.

In both cases, the key is to tap into one's full potential and unleash a burst of energy and power that can propel them to new heights. Whether it's Goku fighting to protect the Earth from powerful foes or an athlete pushing themselves to achieve their personal best, going "Super Saiyan" and entering flow state represent the ultimate expression of human performance and potential.

Jimmy Butler, has been going Super Saiyan in this year's playoffs, rising for the occasion and averaging over 10 points more than his season average in points. Some people are consistent under pressure, some people falter, and others go Super Saiyan. Athletes who possess this ability and star power are the most coveted on the planet and the argument can be made that Jimmy Butler's play makes him more important to his team than the reigning MVP Nikola Jokic.

Check back after the playoffs to see how each player's performance affected their score, and to see if we get to add any hardware to anyone's resume.

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