May 2023

Kobe's Legacy Lives on in the Era of Low Top Hooping

Basketball shoes have undergone many transformations over the years, with a particular emphasis on ankle support. High-top sneakers, which have been the norm for basketball players for decades, have often been marketed as the ultimate solution for preventing ankle injuries.

Low-top sneakers are becoming increasingly popular among basketball players, and there is evidence to suggest that they are offer greater freedom of movement without a scientific basis or proof that injuries are more prevalent or that high-tops offer greater protection.

However, recent trends suggest that low-top basketball sneakers are becoming increasingly popular among basketball players. This raises the question: are low-top sneakers actually better for performance, or is it just a myth?

One of the most notable examples of a popular low-top sneaker is the Kobe 11, which was released in 2016. The Kobe 11 was praised for its comfort, flexibility, and lightweight design, which allowed for greater agility and quickness on the court. While the Kobe 11 was not the first low-top basketball sneaker, it was a game-changer in terms of perception and popularity.

FYI: Judging strictly on performance, the Nike Kobe 11 Barcelona is the greatest shoe my feet have ever terrorized a basketball court in.

Some studies have suggested that there is no significant difference in ankle injuries between high-top and low-top sneakers. In fact, the argument is made that wearing high-tops might actually hinder the natural movement of the ankle, leading to a false sense of security that ultimately results in more injuries. Conversely, low-top sneakers allow for greater range of motion and flexibility, which can ultimately result in better overall performance.

That being said, the type of sneaker a basketball player chooses to wear is a matter of personal preference. Ankle injuries can happen regardless of the type of sneaker being worn, and it is ultimately up to the player to decide which type of sneaker is most comfortable and conducive to their play style.

In recent years, there has been a noticeable shift in the way basketball players perceive sneakers. While high-top sneakers were once seen as the gold standard for ankle support and injury prevention, the popularity of low-top sneakers has shown that players are more interested in performance and comfort than they are in traditional marketing messages. And there haven't been many high-tops released with this year's crop of signature shoes.

Take LeBron's, Luka's, Ja's, Jason's, KD's and everyone else's signature shoes for that matter, this trend suggests that high-tops may become a thing of the past.

The choice of sneaker ultimately comes down to personal preference and comfort, and players should choose a sneaker that best suits their play style and needs.

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