June 2023

No Belt, No Bullets: Gun Ownership Should Be Earned Not Given Through Martial Arts Like Progression

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In the realm of martial arts, the journey to mastery is marked by incremental progress, discipline, and the earning of belts that symbolize one's skill and knowledge. Conversely, gun ownership lacks a similar process of earning and understanding.

The implementation of a structured system akin to martial arts, where gun ownership is earned through rigorous training and comprehension could be a way to prevent those who like to play games using cheat codes from holding a participation trophy that is equivalent to something earned by everyone else. By aligning the principles of historical martial arts and combat sports with responsible gun ownership, we can cultivate a culture of respect, knowledge, and responsible firearm usage.

In martial arts, progression is not granted freely; it is earned through dedication, discipline, and mastery of techniques. The same approach can be applied to gun ownership, ensuring that individuals undergo a comprehensive training program designed to enhance their understanding of firearms, safety protocols, and the responsibilities that come with owning a weapon. Discipline, restraint, and self control are heavily emphasized in martial arts due to the inherent violence that accompanies participation.

Historically, martial arts and combat sports have emphasized the importance of respect, self-control, and ethical conduct. In contrast, gun ownership without a stringent process can lead to entitlement and a lack of appreciation for the potential dangers associated with firearms. By establishing a system that requires individuals to demonstrate their commitment to responsible gun ownership, we can foster a sense of reverence and understanding for the power that firearms possess.

A firearm bestows upon the holder the power to take a life from this world without earning the right to remove it. Consider how difficult and legally exhaustive the death penalty and assisted suicide are and compare it to how this same right is so easily obtained by people who should not own and have not earned this right whatsoever.

Consider even Ja Morant, whose irresponsible gun ownership has caused such an uproar due to his reckless and irresponsible displays of a firearm. The gun epidemic and mass shootings are real and it is largely influenced due to players who should have no chance making the team being entitled to minutes on varsity.

Martial arts provide a framework for personal growth, encouraging individuals to continually challenge themselves and progress to higher levels of skill. Similarly, gun ownership could follow a tiered system, where individuals must meet specific criteria and pass comprehensive assessments to advance to more advanced levels of firearm possession. This approach ensures that individuals develop the necessary expertise and maturity to handle firearms responsibly.

Implementing a structured progression system, gun owners would receive ongoing training and education, keeping their skills sharp and reinforcing the importance of responsible firearm usage. Regular assessments would serve as checkpoints to evaluate an individual's knowledge, ensuring that they are equipped to handle the increased responsibility that comes with each level of gun ownership.

By linking the disciplines of martial arts and responsible gun ownership, we create a paradigm where gun ownership is seen as a privilege earned through dedication and understanding. This approach aligns with the principles of historical combat disciplines and emphasizes the importance of respect, self-control, and continuous growth.

Integrating a tiered system for gun ownership, similar to the progression in martial arts, promotes responsible firearm usage and addresses the concerns surrounding entitlement and lack of understanding. By implementing a rigorous training program and assessing individuals' knowledge and skills, we can cultivate a community of responsible gun owners who have earned the right to possess firearms.

Issa Hall, Esq

Issa has founded multiple ventures, is an author, and founding partner of Hall & Dixon law firm, with over a decade of experience in tech and law.

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