February 2024

Sports in Season This Month (February)

In February, sports enthusiasts can look forward to an exciting lineup of events across various disciplines.

From the much-anticipated Super Bowl to the thrilling action of the NBA, NHL, and European soccer leagues, this month is set to offer a diverse range of sporting spectacles. Let's take a closer look at some of the key events and competitions that will unfold in February 2024.

Formula 1

The 2024 season begins racing on February 29 at the Bahrain Grand Prix.

American Football

The pinnacle of the American football season, the Super Bowl, is undoubtedly the most prominent event on the calendar. Scheduled for February 11, 2024, at the Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, Nevada, this high-stakes showdown will captivate millions of fans around the world.


In the world of basketball, both the NBA and WNBA regular seasons are in full swing, treating fans to a flurry of intense on-court action. Additionally, European basketball leagues will continue to showcase top-tier competition throughout the month.

Ice Hockey

Hockey enthusiasts can revel in the excitement of the NHL season as teams battle it out on the ice. European hockey leagues will also provide their own brand of thrilling matchups, adding to the global appeal of the sport.


February is a bustling period for European soccer, with leagues such as the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, and the Bundesliga entering crucial stages of their respective seasons. The UEFA Champions League will also feature highly anticipated fixtures as the quest for continental glory heats up.


The Six Nations Championship, a premier international rugby union tournament, will kick off its second round of matches in February. The competition promises fierce rivalries and world-class rugby action as participating nations vie for supremacy.

Winter Sports

For fans of winter sports, the Winter X Games will deliver an adrenaline-fueled showcase of extreme athletic prowess. Athletes will push the boundaries in disciplines such as snowboarding, skiing, and snowmobiling, creating unforgettable moments on the snow and ice.


While not as prevalent in some regions, cricket enthusiasts can keep an eye on the Indian Premier League (IPL) Auction, an event that sets the stage for one of the most prestigious T20 cricket leagues in the world.

In addition to these marquee events, a myriad of other sporting competitions and tournaments will unfold across the globe, offering something for every sports fan to savor.

As we embrace the excitement of these events, let's come together to celebrate the dedication and skill of athletes who continue to inspire and entertain audiences worldwide.


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