May 2024

The Easiest Olympic Sports for the Average Person to Make the Cut

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Could You Make It To The Olympics?

The Olympics are the pinnacle of athletic achievement, showcasing the world's finest athletes in a variety of sports. While it's true that every Olympic event demands a high level of athleticism and skill, some sports are more accessible to the average person than others.

We're on a quest to figure out the easiest Olympic sports that offer the best chance for the average person to make the cut.

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Archery and Shooting: Low Competition, High Accessibility

Archery and shooting are often cited as two of the easiest Olympic sports to enter. These sports require a high level of mental focus and precision, but they don't necessarily demand the same level of physical fitness as other events. The equipment used in these sports is also relatively affordable, making them more accessible to a wider range of people. Additionally, the mental aspect of these sports can be developed over time with practice and experience, making them a good fit for those who may not have a natural athletic ability.

Sailing and Rhythmic Gymnastics: Niche Sports with Lower Competition

Sailing and rhythmic gymnastics are niche sports that often have lower levels of competition. These sports require a specific set of skills and a strong mental game, but they may not be as physically demanding as other Olympic events. Sailing, in particular, can be a good option for those who enjoy water sports and have access to sailing facilities.

Modern Pentathlon and Equestrian Events: Opportunities for Late Starters

The modern pentathlon and equestrian events are unique in that they often attract athletes who start training later in life The modern pentathlon combines five events: fencing, swimming, equestrian show jumping, pistol shooting, and a cross-country run. While it's a challenging sport, it can be a good fit for those who have a strong all-around athletic ability and are willing to put in the time to develop their skills. Equestrian events, on the other hand, require a strong bond between the horse and rider, which can be developed over time with dedication and practice.

Rowing and Cycling: Opportunities for Those with Endurance

Rowing and cycling are endurance sports that can be a good fit for those who enjoy long-distance activities While they do require a high level of physical fitness, they can be more accessible than sports that demand explosive power or high-level technical skills. Rowing, in particular, is a sport that often attracts athletes who start training later in life, and cycling has seen athletes like Kristin Armstrong win gold medals well into their 40s.


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