July 2024

Top 5 NFL teams likely to draft a quarterback in 2025

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Some teams enter the 2025 NFL season looking ahead to the NFL Draft 2025 with quarterbacks on their minds.

Some teams have their guy for the foreseeable future. Others will keep a close eye on 2025 NFL Draft prospects with the future in mind.

These players will have a major impact on their franchises in one way or another. The performance of these QBs could influence the popular sites for betting. The Washington Commanders (Jayden Daniels, 2nd overall) and Atlanta Falcons (Michael Penix Jr., 8th overall) addressed their needs in the 2024 NFL Draft.

The 2025 NFL Draft will be a turning point for some, and these 5 teams will be looking to address the quarterback position. Nearly every 2025 NFL mock draft will feature these teams taking a quarterback.

Las Vegas Raiders

There are a couple of dark horse teams like the Arizona Cardinals that could look at a quarterback, but few teams have the need for a QB like the Raiders. The NFL Draft 2025 will be the chance to make a change.

Aiden O’Connell and Gardner Minshew are serviceable, even fine for stretches. They are not, however, the definitive answer. If the Raiders are going to make the leap, they need an impact quarterback in the system.

Dallas Cowboys

Will the Cowboys pay Dak Prescott, one of the top quarterbacks? If they don’t shell out $55 million or more per season, then every 2025 NFL mock draft will have the Cowboys on it taking a quarterback. That’s a steep figure to shell out for a guy who hasn’t elevated his game in the playoffs and the Cowboys could look to the future instead.

New York Giants

Daniel Jones is arguably the worst starter in the league. His contract is an albatross and the team flirted with quarterbacks in the 2024 NFL Draft. Another bad year from Danny Dimes and the Giants will cut bait, especially after a knee-ligament tear. The margin for error is thin, especially if the team has another losing season this year.

New York Jets

Aaron Rodgers is 40 years old and coming off an Achilles injury. Though he could be the starter in 2025, the 2025 NFL Draft prospects should be considered by GM Joe Douglas.

The Jets drafted Jordan Travis, but he doesn’t look like much more than a bridge starter after Rodgers is gone. Getting a prospect in the second or third round of the 2025 NFL Draft could mean being able to work with Rodgers for a short while before moving that pick into a backup or even starting role.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs just gave a new extension to Baker Mayfield, so a first-round quarterback is unlikely. But the Bucs could take a project in the 2025 NFL Draft to succeed Mayfield as soon as two or three years.

Mayfield had his best year ever, but the offensive line is still bad, and the offensive coordinator is gone. Regression seems likely and could have caused the team to regret the contract before long.


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