April 2023

Top 5 - Trending Athletes Of The week

Another week of sports is in the books, and as always, some athletes stood out from the rest. From record-breaking performances to clutch plays, here are five trending athletes of the week:

1. (Tie) Caitlin Clark (BSKB) - Clark continues to reign supreme in the NCAA Tournament and the airwaves, leading her team to the finals, and setting scoring records in the process. She received an elite skill and marketability ratings boost due to her performance. She has been trending ever since her skills have been showcased on a national stage, and she has received a substantial increase in her social followings. She's not yet eligible for the WNBA draft, so expect her to be an early favorite as the most marketable player in the NCAA nad to reap the rewards of many new NIL opportunities.

2. (Tie) Angel Reese (BSKB) - Osaka's star continues her rise in, as she claimed another championship title over the weekend. Her consistent play and dominating performances have made her a player to watch in the upcoming world of basketball. She too shall be a leading candidate for NIL opportunities, and for many player of the year awards. Women's basketball gained a lot of fans and popularity, with the polarizing battles between Reese and Clark. It's likely overall good for the game, and hopefully ushers in a new era of basketball not unlike Bird and Magic.

3. Lamont Butler (BSKB) - By leading his team to a victory in a critical game with a buzzer beating shot to give his team the victory and ticket to the NCAA Championship game, Butler's poise and clutch moment proved to be the difference-maker, reminding us all how quickly one can go from no-name to household name in the blink of an eye. If Butler can repeat his performance, he stands to gain the most, and may even punch his ticket to the NBA.

4. Aliyah Boston (BSKB) - Boston's consistent play on the court has earned her the title of one of the best players in the sport. Although she was unable to repeat her championship aspirations, she still has much to look forward to due to being the presumed and popular pick to go #1 in the upcoming WNBA draft.

5. Elliot Cadeau (BSKB) - Cadeau is a current high schooler, but put on a record setting performance in the GEICO Nationals showcasing his elite passing skills. He led his team to victory, and was able to show to a national audience why he's a highly ranked player, winner, and the owner of a rare trait that contributed to his JoxStox listing, and recognition for an elite generational skill. If he's able to transition this skill to higher levels of competition he'll be someone worth keeping tabs on.

Elite generational skills made multiple appearances this weekend, and are a high indicator of future success and staying power and are weighted heavily in our ratings. Two members (Clark, Cadeau) received upgraded rankings due to genius level exhibitions of their skillsets.

These athletes have all made their mark in their respective sports this week, and their performances are sure to keep fans talking for days to come. Keep an eye out for these athletes in the upcoming weeks as they continue to make headlines and cement their legacies in the world of sports.


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