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November 2023

Trading Cards are the Real Life NFTs

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In the ever-evolving world of collectibles and get rich quick investments, NFTs garnered immense attention for their unique digital traits and blockchain-backed ownership.

However, amidst this digital fervor, the market also came crashing down with upstart companies and utility based upon unproven yet exciting and promosing prospects for what one day could be. Remarkably, trading cards embody many of the qualities that NFTs strive to achieve, while offering tangible advantages that digital assets simply cannot match.

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The more rare and unique the NFT the more valuable, and the better the performance of the company behind it the more attractive it becomes which increases the demand and value of the asset.

If this sounds just like a hyped prospect like Bryce Young or Victor Wembanyama bringing hope to a franchise, with thousands of collectors lining up to purchase their collectible, it's because it's what happens in the real world.

The utility of a trading card is based on the performance of the athlete it depicts. Uninformed hobbyists doing it to rip packs are likely closer to doing it as a gamble, but talent and skill allow for a informed sports enthusiast to more surely place their bets, and when a surefire prospect comes along the hype machine increases demand which then allows us to speculate and dream of this athlete "startup" becoming a unicorn and enriching its holders.

The art NFTs of the real world are trading cards, we can hold them, lose them, trade them, and even better see the utility play out every night on our televisions.

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Sure, there are counterfeits and rug-pulls to be wary of, but reading NFT roadmaps was just arms length speculation with many scams abound, while the vetting process for a blue-chip prospect is backed by a billion dollar company's first pick in the draft. Plus, there are millions of people who are able to do a bit of vetting by watching the games, and processing what they are viewing with the "eye-test" which is difficult to fool.

Let's be honest, most people jumped on the NFT train to get rich, but with trading cards offering a very real scratch off ticket experience and potential payout lets not ignore that the very same concept exists within this culture as well.

Who doesn't love making money?

A Very Tangible Advantage

Unlike NFTs, trading cards exist in the physical realm, providing investors with a tangible asset that can be held, admired, and traded without the complexities and risks associated with digital wallets and blockchain technology. This physical presence not only enhances the overall collecting experience but also ensures that the investment is immune to the potential pitfalls of technological mishaps.

NFTs Attempted, Trading Cards Perfected

NFTs introduced the concept of unique digital traits and provable ownership, aiming to revolutionize the digital art world. Surprisingly, trading cards have been offering this very experience for decades. Each card possesses unique attributes, from limited editions to autographs, providing collectors with a one-of-a-kind ownership experience. The authenticity of these traits is established by reputable grading companies, solidifying their value in the market.

Trading cards are the fine art of the athletic world.

Enduring Time-Tested Value

Trading cards have demonstrated an unparalleled ability to withstand the test of time. They have weathered economic fluctuations, evolving collecting trends, and generational shifts, proving their enduring appeal. Unlike the volatile nature of the NFT market, trading cards have consistently appreciated in value, making them a reliable and stable investment option.

Transitioning from NFTs to Trading Cards

With the growing uncertainties surrounding the NFT market (it's dead), investors may find solace in the time-tested stability of trading cards. For those seeking to diversify their portfolios or explore alternative collectible investments, trading cards offer a compelling option. The transition from the digital world of NFTs to the tangible realm of trading cards presents an opportunity to align investments with a proven track record of value appreciation.

Trading cards stand as the original NFTs, offering a tangible and enduring investment option that has captivated collectors for generations. With their unique attributes, proven stability, and enduring appeal, trading cards present a compelling opportunity for investors seeking to diversify their portfolios.

As the NFT market navigates its own evolution, turning to the world of trading cards may prove to be a wise move for those looking to secure their investments in a time-tested asset class. You can hang it on your wall and admire it from your couch, and they it's much easier to vet, trust, and invest without having to remember wallet codes.

Issa Hall, Esq

Issa has founded multiple ventures, is an author, and founding partner of Hall & Dixon law firm, with over a decade of experience in tech and law.

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