February 2024

What are the Different Positions in Football (Soccer)?

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In the sport of football, also known as soccer in some countries, there are several different positions, each with its own specific role on the field.

These positions are traditionally grouped into four categories: the defense, the midfield, the forwards, and the goalkeeper.

The various positions and their associated responsibilities are as follows:


Center Back (CB): Also known as a central defender, responsible for stopping the opposition's attacks and providing support to the team's defensive line.

Full Back (LB/RB): Positioned on the left (LB) and right (RB) sides of the defense, responsible for marking wingers, supporting the attack, and providing crosses into the opposing team's penalty area.


Defensive Midfielder (CDM): Positioned in front of the defense, responsible for breaking up opposition attacks and distributing the ball to more advanced players.

Central Midfielder (CM): Positioned in the middle of the field, responsible for linking the defense and attack, as well as supporting both defensively and offensively.

Attacking Midfielder (CAM): Positioned between the midfield and forward line, responsible for creating goal-scoring opportunities and supporting the forwards.


Winger (LW/RW): Positioned on the left (LW) and right (RW) sides of the forward line, responsible for providing width to the attack, taking on defenders, and providing crosses into the opposing team's penalty area.

Striker (CF): Positioned at the center of the forward line, responsible for scoring goals and creating goal-scoring opportunities for teammates.


Goalkeeper (GK): The last line of defense, responsible for preventing the opposing team from scoring by stopping shots on goal and organizing the team's defense.

Each position has unique responsibilities, and players within each group are often able to exchange positions easily. For example, a central midfielder can usually play in various midfield positions well, a winger can also be expected to play as an attacking midfielder if needed. However, certain positions such as goalkeeper or striker are highly specialized roles that require specific skills and training.

The different positions in soccer serve specific functions, and each player's role is crucial to the overall success of the team during a game.


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