February 2024

What are the Different Positions in Volleyball?

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In the sport of volleyball, there are several different positions, each with its own specific role on the court.

The main positions in volleyball are the setter, outside hitter, opposite hitter, middle hitter, and libero.

Each position is assigned to a specific location on the court and is vital to the team's success. Here's a brief overview of each position:

Setter (S): The setter is responsible for setting the ball to their teammates, making them the key playmaker and determining the direction of the team's attack. They are often located in positions 1 and 9 when playing back row and position 2 when playing front row.

Outside Hitter (OH): The outside hitter hits and blocks from the left side of the court. They are considered the focal point of the offense and typically perform most of the attack hits. Outside hitters must have good back row skills and a good jumping ability.

Opposite Hitter (Opp or RS): The opposite hitter, also known as a right-side hitter, is considered the most versatile because they can excel on offense and defense. They hit from the front and back row, dig for quick attacks, and block with the middle blocker.

Middle Hitter (MB or MH): Middle blockers are the team’s best blockers, hitting mostly fast-tempo sets from the middle of the court and behind the setter. They tend to be the tallest person on the team and cover the center area on the net on defense.

Libero (L): The libero focuses on defense and only plays in the back row. They typically receive the first touch, so they must have great passing and defensive skills. Liberos wear a jersey of a different color and can come in and out of the game without counting against the team’s substitutions.

Understanding these positions is essential for both players and fans, as it forms the foundation for the strategic and competitive dynamics of the sport.


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