August 2023

What Sports Are Best To Take Up For Weight Loss?

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An obesity epidemic grips America; 36% of adults are classed as obese, and 69% are overweight.

That means that the health and fitness industry is booming – for every overweight person, there’s someone ready to go on a weight loss journey. That can be done in several ways, but the ideal approach is a balanced diet and a degree of exercise. Often, it means people taking up a new sport or physical pastime to improve their fitness and lose weight.

Embarking on a weight loss journey can be both invigorating and challenging, and choosing the right diet comes first. All your efforts on the track or field will be devalued if you do not seek out a strong weight loss program to help with your diet. You need to eat right before you consider any of the sports we’re going to list – that means a balanced diet of foods you enjoy and those that offer a nutritional benefit. All good weight loss journeys start in the kitchen, and you must make changes there before getting your running sneakers out of the cupboard.

However, if you do get your diet right, a fresh sport can significantly amplify your efforts. Sports should be fun, and there are several options tailored to melting away those extra pounds, which also bring enjoyment and long-term sustainability.


Running is a quintessential cardiovascular activity that tops the list for effective weight loss. It requires minimal equipment and can be done virtually anywhere. Whether you're jogging around your neighborhood, hitting the trails, or even participating in organized races, running engages large muscle groups, boosts metabolism, and burns calories efficiently.

Moreover, it can be adapted to various fitness levels. Beginners can start with brisk walks interspersed with jogging intervals, gradually progressing to sustained runs as their endurance improves. You can also download apps such as Strava to add an element of competition, whether improving your own times or against other runners in your area. Gamification of pursuit does make it easy to engage with over time.


If you're looking for a full-body workout that's gentle on the joints, swimming is an exceptional choice. The water's buoyancy reduces impact while providing resistance, resulting in a comprehensive calorie-burning experience. Swimming engages multiple muscle groups, including the arms, legs, core, and back, leading to increased muscle tone and improved cardiovascular endurance. The rhythmic motion of swimming also promotes relaxation and stress relief.

Whether you're doing laps in a pool or taking on the waves in open water, swimming offers a refreshing and effective path to weight loss. We’d recommend getting in a pool long before a river, but those small steps now could see you in the open water in no time.


Whether indoors on a stationary bike or outdoors on trails or roads, cycling offers a fantastic combination of cardiovascular exercise and lower body toning. Riding a bike engages the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calf muscles while simultaneously burning calories. Cycling can be tailored to different intensity levels, from leisurely rides to high-intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions that challenge your aerobic capacity and enhance fat loss.

The low-impact nature of cycling makes it suitable for individuals of various fitness levels and those recovering from injuries. Additionally, cycling can become a social activity, allowing you to explore new routes and enjoy the camaraderie of group rides. Group support is another key focus of a good weight loss plan, making riding a superb choice.


While these sports offer great potential for weight loss, it cannot be stressed enough that success lies in balanced nutrition as well as exercise. Incorporating a mix of aerobic and strength-building activities, along with a wholesome diet, is key to sustainable weight loss.

Ultimately, the best sport for weight loss is one that aligns with your preferences, lifestyle, and fitness goals. Some sports, such as squash, are great for staying fit once you’ve lost weight but are the sort of sports you get fit to play, not play to get fit.

The three we’ve chosen are easy to pick up and will help you when staying motivated, setting achievable milestones, and embracing the joy of physical activity. That will not only support your weight loss journey but also lead to an overall healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.

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