July 2024

Which Sports Are Debuting In the Paris Olympics?

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With weeks away from the 2024 Paris Olympics, it is time to get down to action.

Most people are interested in watching the Olympics even people that don’t know much about athleticism or sports. 

Take me as an example. I like sports, but I focus only on the most popular ones like football, basketball, or F1. Therefore, I don’t know much about gymnastics, athletics, or kayaking, but I still find myself rewatching athletics at the Olympics at 2 AM.

There is something about the competition in each sport or discipline that really excites fans, and to be honest, these athletes are pushing the boundaries of what’s humanly possible, which is something that we all should appreciate.

Each Olympic Games introduces something new. It is their way of making the Olympics more exciting and bringing a new sport or a change in discipline that will make the entire event more competitive.

At this year’s 2024 Paris Olympics, there are plenty of new sports debuting, and some of them will shock you.

Let’s break down all the new things that we will witness in the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Breaking: Dance Your Way to Gold

Yes, you read that right. Breaking, or breakdancing, is making its Olympic debut in Paris. Is this even a sport? To be honest, who cares? It is all about competition and entertainment.

This is going to be one of the first times we will see athletes dance their way to gold in a Summer Olympics competition. B-Boy Victor Montalvo is already making headlines as being the First American to qualify for the Paris Olympics in this category.

So, if you are from Colorado and wondering whether or not you can place a bet on B-Boy Victor Montalvo, you have to make sure that sports betting is legal in the state. You can read more here on how to bet on the Olympic games here.

Some might laugh and call this a made-up sport, but wait until you see the incredible athleticism that these athletes have. Sometimes, they are defying gravity, and making moves that will force you to question reality.

Surfing: Catching Waves in Tahiti

Surfing returns for its second Olympic appearance, but this time, athletes will ride the legendary waves of Teahupo'o in Tahiti

The competition will take place from July 27 to 30, and surfers will be judged on their tricks, speed, and overall flow. Expect high drama and spectacular performances as surfers battle some of the most challenging waves on the planet​.

Skateboarding: Flipping Back In

Skateboarding is back and it promises to be just as thrilling as its debut in Tokyo 2020. There will be two main events: park and street. The park event will take place in a traditional skate bowl, while the street event will mimic an urban environment with rails and stairs. Keep an eye on top competitors like Nyjah Huston, who is expected to bring his A-game​​.

Sport Climbing: Scaling New Heights

We’ve seen many climbing competitions in the past, but this is a rather new format that splits each climbing competition into lead, speed, and bouldering. 

When it comes to bouldering, athletes will have to tackle multiple walls and various holds. The goal is the same – to reach the top within the time limit. On the other hand, lead climbing will involve scaling a wall as high as possible within six minutes, and speed climbing is as the word suggests, a head-to-head race up a 15-meter wall.

These different disciplines or categories will bring something new to the 2024 Paris Olympics, and to be honest, it kind of makes sense. Each of these competitions has its own thing that makes it attractive, and they all require different abilities and strategies from the athletes.

Kayak Cross: Paddling into the Spotlight

Making its Olympic debut, kayak cross is an adrenaline-pumping event where four athletes race simultaneously through a white-water course. 

It's a thrilling addition under the canoe slalom umbrella, providing a mix of speed, skill, and head-to-head competition. Great Britain's Joe Clarke and Kimberley Woods are top contenders, with Clarke aiming to extend his winning streak​.

Other Notable Changes

  • 3x3 Basketball: Back for its second appearance, this fast-paced version of basketball promises high energy and intense competition.
  • Artistic Swimming: Men are now included, and a new team acrobatic routine will debut.
  • Boxing: A new women's weight class has been added, balancing the number of categories between men and women.
  • Sailing: Two kite events have been introduced, expanding the variety within the sport.
  • Shooting: The mixed skeet team event replaces the mixed team trap event.
  • Track and Field: A mixed relay marathon race walk and a repechage round for middle-distance races add new twists​​.


Q: Where will the surfing competition take place? 

A: Surfing will be held at Teahupo'o in Tahiti, known for its powerful and challenging waves​​.

Q: What changes have been made to existing sports? 

A: Men are now included in artistic swimming, a new women's weight class in boxing, and several adjustments in sailing, shooting, and track and field events​​.


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