October 2023

Women's Super League vs NWSL - which is best womens' soccer league?

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Every soccer fan has debated this question at some point - which women's league is the best in the world right now: the Women's Super League (WSL) in England or the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) in the United States?

Both competitions have grown tremendously in recent years and feature some of the sport's biggest stars. But which one has the edge in terms of quality of play, popularity, and opportunities for players? Let's take a closer look at how these two powerhouse leagues stack up.

Quality of Play

There's no doubt that the level of soccer in both leagues has skyrocketed.

However, many analysts still put the WSL atop the pile in terms of sheer skill and technical ability on the pitch.

English clubs like Chelsea and Manchester City have invested major resources into their women's teams, attracting world-class talent from all over Europe and beyond. The likes of Sam Kerr and Lauren James have elevated Chelsea to new heights. With more money in the game and top clubs taking the women's game seriously, the competition in the WSL has never been fiercer.

That said, the NWSL continues to closed the gap. American stars like Alex Morgan, Rose Lavelle, and Mallory Pugh still ply their trade domestically rather than abroad. And the league's increasing emphasis on physicality, athleticism, and high-pressing tactics makes for exciting, end-to-end matches. With competitive parity between franchises, any team can win on a given weekend. The quality is rising steadily as national team players get consistent, high-level games to sharpen their skills all year long.

Popularity and Revenue

Numbers don't lie - more eyes are watching the NWSL right now.

Average attendance is over 7,300 per match as passionate crowds pack out stadiums across the country. Television ratings on national broadcasts routinely beat MLS games. Revenue streams from sponsorships and merchandise sales are growing far beyond levels seen in the early days of the fledgling league. While still dwarfed by the men's game, the financial footing beneath the NWSL looks much sturdier than other women's leagues globally. However, the WSL is catching up quickly - Arsenal and Spurs now regularly draw 40,000+ fans to some matches. Both competitions have captured the public's imagination.

Opportunities for Players

Both leagues afford their participants world-class training facilities, professional support staff, and six-figure salaries that allow athletes to focus solely on soccer. The WSL does have an advantage in terms of exposure playing in Europe's prestigious major leagues. It's a top shop window to be seen by European national team selectors and the continent's biggest clubs. However, the NWSL's appeal lies in it being a single-entity system. Players have stability knowing their league and team will exist from one season to the next. There are no concerns about folding clubs or contracts not being honored that have plagued some overseas circuits.

So which league reigns supreme right now?

Reasonable minds can disagree on this debate as both the WSL and NWSL continue making leaps forward. The technical, tactical qualities and star power in England cannot be denied. However, the NWSL wins points for stability, financial structure, popularity at the gates, and providing a haven for national team players to develop their craft without venturing abroad. As the women's game grows globally, both competitions will only get stronger. Fans are the real winners as we get to enjoy world-class talent all year long, no matter which side of the pond they're playing on. The battle of the leagues is sure to rage on.

Barry Ugochukwu

Lead writer for JRZY FC. I am also a machine learning engineer & lover of tech, sports and all things football.

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