May 2023

Your SNKRS Draw Results

SNKRS, the mobile app by Nike that allows consumers to purchase limited edition and exclusive sneakers, has become a popular platform for sneaker enthusiasts and collectors alike. However, there has been a growing concern among consumers that the app is rigged, making it difficult for them to purchase the sneakers they want. This has led to frustration and disappointment among consumers who feel that their chances of success are unlikely. In this article, we will explore whether SNKRS is actually rigged and the reasons behind this perception.

Firstly, it is important to note that SNKRS operates on a randomized basis for all applicants within a timed window for purchase. When a sneaker release becomes available, it is made available on the app at a specific time. The users table o complete the purchase process within the window will be entered to be able to secure a pair. This is the same process for all users, and there is no algorithm that gives certain users an advantage over others... at least that's what we're told.

However, there are some factors that contribute to the perception that SNKRS is rigged. One of the main factors is the limited quantity of sneakers available for each release. This means that the demand for the sneakers is high, and many users will inevitably miss out on the opportunity to purchase them. In addition, the app's verification process, which requires users to confirm their identity through a captcha or other means, can also cause delays and frustrations.

Should Nike just release more sneakers to accommodate demand? As a collector, honestly if this happened it wouldn't be as fun anymore. Shoes wouldn't be as rare, unique, and exclusive and maybe we're all just willing participants and are in love with the rejection and bragging rights that come with it.

Another factor that contributes to this perception is the prevalence of bots, which are computer programs designed to automatically purchase the sneakers before human users have a chance to do so. This creates an unfair advantage for those who use bots, as they are able to purchase the sneakers faster than a human user could. While SNKRS has made efforts to combat bot usage, it is still a prevalent issue.

There have also been stories of Nike executives and their family members having insider access, and being able to automatically grab kicks, mark them up, and accept the free money that comes with the reseller market for high in demand shoes. And from the outside looking in, if you've never hit even after trying for over a year it's hard not to become at least a little suspicious.

While SNKRS is not rigged and within the app and Nike there have been many communications on trying to make access to shoes fair, the limited quantity of sneakers available for each release and the prevalence of bots create a perception among consumers that their chances of success are unlikely. This perception can lead to frustration and disappointment among consumers who feel that they are not able to secure the sneakers they want. SNKRS has made efforts to combat bot usage and improve the app's functionality, but there is still work to be done to address consumer concerns.