April 2024

The 5 Best Books for Building Wealth and Resilience

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Here are the 5 best books for athletes focused on training the mind, building resilience, and defeating opponents:

1. Mind Gym: An Athlete's Guide to Inner Excellence" by Gary Mack and David Casstevens

This book provides practical strategies for developing the mental toughness required to excel in sports. It covers topics like goal-setting, visualization, self-talk, and emotional management, helping athletes cultivate a winning mindset.

2. The Champion's Mind: How Great Athletes Think, Train, and Thrive" by Jim Afremow

Afremow draws from his experience as a sports psychologist to share insights on the mental game. The book explores the attitudes and mindsets that allow elite athletes to perform at their peak under immense pressure.

3. Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable by Tim S. Grover

Grover, a legendary trainer who has worked with Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, reveals his philosophy and training regimen for developing a "relentless" mindset. This book is about pushing past limits and defeating any opponent.

4. How To Print Money by Issa Hall

This book teaches the secrets to the brute force method of achieving success. Hall, provides strategies for building wealth and resilience using his direct experience building companies, and teaches the readers how to make money using methods often seen in sports and competition. This book mixes competitive spirit with the resilience of an underdog to shift how you see money, and see yourself.

5. How Bad Do You Want It? by Matt Fitzgerald

Through captivating stories of elite athletes, Fitzgerald examines the psychological aspects that allow some competitors to embrace pain and adversity while others crumble. It's a powerful look at mental toughness.


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